All You Need to Know From The Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct

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    If you've been closely following the development of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, then yesterday's Nintendo Direct was like a basket full of your favorite candy. Series creator Masahiro Sakurai brought a lot of stuff to the table by revealing new characters, new online features, a release window, and more. Let's get started.

    New Online Multiplayer Format
    Instead of just hopping online with everyone around the world, regardless of intention or skill, the new Super Smash Bros. will now have two different online modes you can enter. "For Fun" and "For Glory". Here's how they work.

    For Fun will only record players' wins, and will pit opponents against each other in random stages (excluding Final Destination), and will include all items.

    For Glory levels the playing field for competitive players by removing all items, and setting every match on a Final Destination version of certain levels. Wins and losses are both tracked in your For Glory record.

    This will give players of all types a way to have fun but also be competitive when they want to be. Keeping record of wins and losses in For Glory could also help discourage trolling during serious matches. Playing with friends, however, has of course no set rules and can be changed around however you like.

    Fist bump me bro.

    Exclusive 3DS Multiplayer Mode
    A new multiplayer mode that will be exclusive to the 3DS has been confirmed, and it's called Smash Run. Smash Run places four players against each other in a dungeon full of random enemies, including Goombas, Shy Guys, and other recognizable villains, in a battle to collect stat-boosting power-ups as quickly as you can. Treasure chests and enemies can improve your speed, jump, strength, defense, special move effectiveness, etc, which comes into play after the Smash Run timer runs out. After five minutes of exploration, 2-4 players, local or online, go head-to-head in a standard match using their newly acquired stats. Those who have collected more bonuses improve their chances of winning. You can also equip items ahead of each Smash Run battle to get an edge.

    Pad your stats against random enemies, crush the real ones harder later.

    Character Transformations Removed
    No more Sheik/Zelda or Samus/Zero Suit Samus. Character transformations have been eliminated from the new Super Smash Bros. Each of those four characters, however, will be given their own slot on the roster, so for those of you who loved each one, you're still good to go.

    “All characters who used to change forms during a match will no longer change, “ series creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed. “Instead, you’ll be able to concentrate on a single move set for the entire fight.”

    As you can see, new space boots for the lovely Zero Suit Samus.

    Three More Playable Characters Confirmed
    And they are as follows: Charizard, the newcomer Pokemon Greninja, and returning champ Yoshi. Charizard and Lucario (who was previously confirmed), have Mega Evolutions which alter their form.

    Newcomer Pokemon, Greninja.

    Release Window
    I know, it's painful to wait for, isn't it. Thankfully we have a pretty solid window to cling to now, so circle a big area on your calendar. Nintendo has announced that the Wii U version will release sometime in the winter of 2014, while the 3DS version will actually release sooner, sometime around this summer. This means that for you hardcore 3DS players, your wait is almost over… you lucky bas-but anyway. Nintendo also confirmed that fighters in the 3DS version would move at 60 fps, and that the game will support stereoscopic 3D.

    And there you have it. A complete overview of what we got to see on Super Smash Bros. from yesterday's Nintendo Direct video. Lots to talk about, and even more to be excited about. Stay tuned for more news as it emerges.
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    Game looks awesome, might make me get a Wii U earlier then I planned, ( was holding out for Zelda or Metroid)