Analyst Predicts 23 Million Unit Lead Ahead of Xbox One by 2019

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    According to a recent study by Strategy Analytics the PS4 is on its way to outpacing the Xbox One by 23 million in lifetime sales through 2018.

    The Connected Home Devices report suggests that 80 million PS4 consoles will be in use by 2019, compared to 57 million Xbox One consoles. That's a 40% higher install base for Sony. 2019 is near the projected top for both consoles' life cycles, but there will be room for "modest future growth," Strategy Analytics says.


    Last week, Sony reported that 18.5 million PS4s have been sold since the console launched in November of 2013. The Xbox One has shipped an estimated 12.4 million units during the same time frame, according to the study. At those paces, the PS4 is closer to first-year sales of the PS2, which initially sold 20.1 million. The PS2 remains the best-selling console in history, selling 150 million units in its lifetime. The Nintendo Wii, coming in second place, sold more than 100 million units.