attlefield: Hardline Seven Minute Long Gameplay Trailer Leaked

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    The trailer appears to be running on a PS 4, and reveals some of the new four player multiplayer modes. Have to get @Budule , @Wickett , and @EnzoTen and myself together for some 4 player fun). No information is given as to whether their are other new modes not shown or if these are the only new ones. Also this time around the single player mode is being developed by Viscereal (Of Dead Space fame) and the MP is being handled by DICE themselves.

    New MP modes

    Heist – One team controls a gang of criminals trying to break into a bank and blow up a vault to steal its riches, while the other team controls police officers attempting to prevent them.

    Rescue – A team of SWAT officers has to infiltrate a building and rescue the hostages being held captive in a bank by a group of criminals whose robbery went wrong.

    Hotwire – This mode specialises in car chases, as the police follow car thieves across “large, open environments”.

    Bloodmoney – A team of cops and a team of criminals battle to locate a huge pile of money and return it to their safehouse.

    Probably the most amazing part of this video is that according to Dice/Visceral/Ea this build is 6 months old and the new build looks amazing and will be at E3

    Here is a direct link to Dualshocker's who have the video embedded on their own player, in case the Youtube link get's taken down by the ninja's...