Critically acclaimed crazy mind-reading puzzle game Stick It To The Man coming to PS4

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    Swedish creative geniuses Zoink Games and UK indie publisher Ripstone have read the minds of the fans and found out you wanted a next-gen version of the critically acclaimed crazy mind-reading puzzle game Stick It To The Man, so they’re bringing it to you on PlayStation 4 soon!

    Stick It To The Man puts you in control of a guy named Ray, in a world made of paper and stickers. As Ray you awake to find out that you have survived an "accident" and that you now have an arm made of spaghetti attached to your brain. If this isn't cool enough as it is, this arm gives you extraordinary powers, Like reading minds and being able to control your world by ripping, and tearing up pieces of paper off it, and replacing these torn spots with stickers to solve the various puzzles you enconter.

    Stick It To The Man will be available to download from the PlayStation Store on PlayStation4 from 30th April in Europe, and 6th May in the US.