The Official E3 projection thread.

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Da Ill One, May 1, 2014.

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    With only 41 days untill E3, (June 10-12) let's use this thread to put what we think or want to be talked about, and Who we think will win...

    What I want to be shown:

    Wii U Successor system
    Brand new Zelda, and Mario games
    Nintendo Online revamp

    God of War 4 (or 8 if you want to be technical)
    Uncharted 4
    Project Morpheus (VR Glasses)
    Eight Days
    The Last Guardian

    Halo 5 (Don't even like Halo but want to see what they do with it)
    New Gears of War
    Sunset Overdrive
    Quantum Physics or whatever it's called
    Any fighting game where you can scan your face and body type into the game and fight against your friends as you...

    Multiplat's I hope are shown

    Shenmue HD (both games in HD on one disc)
    Shenmue III
    GTA 5
    Bully 2
    New Shinobi game or Ninja Gaiden
    Tekken x StreetFighter
    New Fight Night

    I think It's going to be a close battle between MS and Sony, with Ms very closely winning due to amount of games shown...
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    Good idea, thread pinned.

    MS does not in general have strong shows. I think Nintendo will do what Nintendo always does, and that is play in the sandbox laughing and giggling with their own exclusives while MS and Sony fight over the slide. I personally think that unless Sony botches things, the success of the PS4 will carry them through to being the strongest this year.

    Better games.
    Also maybe some good games.

    Of course by "good" I mean something that I'm interested in. Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox perhaps, some cool SSB info, anything besides shovel ware titles that end with "Wii U".

    The only reason why Nintendo doesn't look completely idiotic at this point is because for the past several years now, they have done a great job in segregating themselves. They don't care what MS and Sony does, nor should they. They have a different approach, and it's more apparent all the time that the only thing that affects them is their own performance, not anyone else's. The 3DS is good to go, but if they want the Wii U to sell into the double digits they're going to have to do something more robust. Also, maybe a commercial or two.

    The Order 1886
    Star Wars Battlefront 3

    It's possible I'll be purchasing a PS4 this year, but I have no incentive to right now. Any of those three games would really sway me.

    Sony's in better shape now than they have been in a long time as far as the gaming industry is concerned. Appeal to the fans, don't try anything stupid (or new and "innovative" cause let's face it guys, you aren't the best at that), and show off some cool games. You're already being talked about a lot, just keep that hype going with content.

    A presentation that makes the consumer feel like they still matter.

    I have 0 interest in purchasing the One, so nothing they do is going to make me buy one, but at this point I just want to see a good fight. The way they presented the One pissed a lot of people off, so to redeem themselves now is very important. Their opponent is Sony, and while I don't think they'll win this year, I'd at least like to see what they have in them. If done right, they could really make things interesting. Much like Nintendo, they can't get their console the boost that it needs, but that doesn't mean in any way that it's dead yet.
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